How does it work?

Item 1

Have a look at our job offers

Have a look at our job offers put on line on our website

Job offers everywhere in France and all around the world, in any type of industry.

Item 2

Recommend your network

Recommend people in your network

We all have someone trustworthy to recommend in our network (ex-colleagues, family, friends…)

Item 3

Earn a €700 bonus

Earn the cooptation bonus

You could also donate your bonus or a part of it to our sponsored charity organizations.

Are you the ideal co-opter?

  1. Do you know trustworthy people looking for a new challenging job opportunity?
  2. Do you have a wide network?
  3. Would you like to have a glass of champagne with the co-founders?
Are you the perfect co-opter?

It is time to become a co-opter!

  • Join an influent network based on trust and recommendation.
  • Help your relatives to have a new start in their career.
  • Get a €700 bonus for each successful recommendation.
  • Get involved in our events and get to know each others.
Hire business exécutives profiles with COOP-TIME

Are you recruiting?

You shall lower your costs and save your precious time thanks to our participative recruitment!

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