Recruiting is good, recommandation is better!

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Use country extension (+33 for France), without spaces, dots or dashes.

The best candidates
within the best lapse of time

Our co-opters recommend the best profils of their network, based on your criterias. Then they are evaluated by the COOP-TIME team before submission to our clients. The best applications are sent to you within 7 days from the date the offer has been published on the website.

A wide geographic implementation

Our network includes more than 50,000 co-opters. They are actively co-opting in France and abroad. They come from various industries: IT, digital, bank, insurance, real estate...

A strong commitment

Our system is based on trust and human values. When they join our network, the co-opters agree with our quality charter. They are rewarded with bonus when they are successful.

5 key steps for a successful recruitement

Recruitment: step 1
On line job offer publishing

On line job offer within 24h on our website

Recruitment: step 2
Job offers broadcasting

Broadcasting your job offer to our network

Recruitment: step 3
Evaluation of the resume of the candidates

Analysis and selection of the resumes by our team

Recruitment: step 4
Face-to-face interview

Individual interview and report

Recruitment: step 5
Check of the candidates' references

Automatic check of the references

We find the best candidate for you

The best candidate for you

To sum up


Discovery of new pools of candidates

Reduction of the expenses

Reduction of yours expenses


Quality of the applications


Commitment of the co-opters and co-opted candidates

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