The team

This adventure implies two strong business women : Aurore Crespin and Laura Lombardo. They are also two associates, two mummies, two passionate and connected women.

They are really active and complementary in the private area as well as in the Professional area.

Really nice and empathic, this dynamic duo shines by their ability to be reactive.

The COOP-TIME team


She is the tiny brunette but also the toughest one ! Having a thousand ideas per second, she is an epicurean, and knows everything on the best restaurants in Paris !

She passed psychology and management diplomas, and is 13 years-experienced in recruitment.

Her motto : anyone who wants to do something shall find means ... Anyone who does not want to do anything shall find an excuse.


She is the tall blondie, happy and caring girl, she loves champagne ! Keen of sports... essentially in theory ... she's got a lot of energy !

She passed a marketing and communication diplomas, and is from a leading head-hunting family, personally, highly experienced and has also participated to the creation of one of the first social networks in France

Her motto : Think positive !